Coralife Light Fixtures

Coralife (Energy Savers) - HQI Tank Mount Fixture 150W

Aqualight Advanced Series - Hang-on Tank Mount. HQI Halide 20,000K Lamp.150 Watt20000K

Bulb Included

Coralife - Aqualight Pro 24" Strip 250W HQI Halide

Aqualight Professional Series is a low-profile wide coverage fixture designed to enhance and complement aquariums. The combination of 10,000K HQI, True Actinic 03 Blue compact fluorescent and 470 nm lunar LED lamps are made to suit all the needs necessary to provide a perfectly-balanced lighting system for all types of corals and marine life. This comprehensive system simulates the natural day light from dusk, mid-day, dawn and night time cycles.

24"  250 watt

Coralife - Mini Aqualight T5 6Wx2

Mini Aqualight 12.5" 2X6W 10K & Actinic with Bracket10000k daylight and actinic uses 6w T5 lamps 12.5" x 5.625" x 2.375". With bracket.

Coralife Aqualight T5 Double Strip

Ideal for Marine Reef, and Saltwater Aquariums.Aqualight T5 Series - Double Linear Strip is a sleek and streamlined fixture designed to enhance and complement aquariums. Its compact and low-profile style is suitable where space is limited. The 10,000K Daylight T5 fluorescent lamp emits a high-intensity lumen-per-watt output that simulates the midday tropical sun and the True Actinic 03 Blue fluorescent lamp provides a blue light in the 420 nanometer range that stimulates many pigments in organisms such as corals, fish and invertebrates, causing them to fluoresce in beautiful glowing colors.

Sizes: 24", 30", 36", 48"

Coralife - Aqualight Double Lamp T5HO Strip

Satisfy high lighting requirements with the power of two compact fluorescent bulbs. Aqualight HO Double Strip Lights have twice the light output and features a stylish, yet durable, anodized aluminum housing, energy efficient internal electronic ballast, and silent built-in cooling fans for reliable and lasting performance (not a feature on the 12" Aqualight Double Strip Lights model).Highly polished reflector maximizes light output and distributes it evenly across your aquarium. Protective acrylic lens cover prevents water splashes from coming into direct contact with bulbs. Coralife Aqualights are the easy and affordable way to double the light output and control the number of compact fluorescent lighting fixtures.  

Sizes: 24",30",36",48"

Coralife - Lunar Aqualite Quad T5HO Strip

4- T-5 High-output lamps included (2-10,000K and 2 Actinic) Directional Moonlight LEDs, separate power cords, quick disconnect ballast and fans. Adjustable mounting brackets included.


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