Deep Blue Professional - Triton Series Pumps

Optimized for reef, ponds & freshwater aquaria. Powerful head pressure and high flow throughput. Designed with integrated cooling chambers for use inline or fully submerged. Efficient, low energy consumption with UL listed grounded cord & silicon seals.


Included Components: Inline pump cover. Submersible pump cover. Pre-filter sponge & strainer - 3/4 barbed adapter - 1 barbed adapter - Venturi adapter 120V - 60HZ. Fits 1 Threaded fittings Ceramic shaft & impeller.

Triton3 - 850GPH / 7.2FT / 30W

Triton4 - 1050GPH / 10.5FT / 40W

Triton5 - 1350GPH / 13.0FT / 60W

Deep Blue Professional - Sphere Air Pump

Sphere Air Pumps deliver unparalleled performance with a unique new style. Their spherical shape and internal blue LED light offer a whole new look in air pumps, while the soft rubber base reduces vibration and the angled output port prevents airline kinks.

Sphere Series 1,2,3,4

10 to 100 Gallons

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