Dr. G's Live Phytoplankton is a blend of freshly Aquacultured and packed alive micro algae, thus the perfect nutrition for Corals, FilterFeeders, Invertebrates, Zooplankton and small fish.
Dr. G's Vitamins & Amino Acids
Dr. G's Vitamins & Amino Acids a magnificent aid in the growth of all marine organisms in your aquarium. Contains twice the trace elements, minerals, and amino acids found in other brands.
Dr.G's Oyster Magnifique is a blend of Oyster tissue, oyster eggs, and garlic, which are a feast for all of the tank inhabitants. Great Reef Feed !
Decapsulated Brine Shrimp
Essential food for small fish & soft corals. Shell free eggs but with healthy lipids, amino acids
and enzymes intact. Sterilized, no harmful microbes or chemicals.
Dr.G's Aquacultured Live Rotifers, are truly planktonic, free swimming zooplankton-the base of the marine food chain, extremely nutritional to all reef inhabitants. These organisms are about one-tenth the size of Copepods. No preservatives or additives.
Dr.G's Copepods are "Alive", Our Pods are Excellent live food source for finicky eaters such as mandarin gobies, sea horses, watchman gobies, lawnmower & scooter blennies. These Live Copepods, constitute one of the greatest sources of protein in the ocean.
Silversides Vitamin Enriched IQF
For Aggressive Feeders, Predators & Large Carnivorous Fish.
Veggie Treats Green Seaweed
Veggie Treats are perfect for algae-grazing fish as Surgeon Fishes, Tangs, Parrot Fish, Damsels, Angel Fish, Triggers, Sucker-mouth Catfishes, Cichlids, Goldfish, Koi and many others, that feed on Algae.
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