Hydor USA Inc - Pico

The new PICO EVOLUTION range of pumps by Hydor guarantees high performance, small size and total safety. All models, even the smallest, have a flow regulation and are ideal for applications in tropical and marine aquariums, in terrariums, table fountains sets and interior decorating articles.

70 - 160 GPH

Hydor USA Inc - Koralia Nano

KORALIA NANO is a new innovative pump for water movement in mini and nano-reef aquariums. The exclusive Hydor design and technology guarantee a continuous and powerful water flow which can be directed freely thanks to the special sphere shaped connection to the exclusive patented* magnet support. High performance, low energy consumption, quick and easy maintenance.  240, 425 GPH

Hydor USA - Koralia Evolution

The Koralia Evolution Range of circulation pumps offer the apex in efficiency and flow. Designed to work with wave timers, Koralia Evolution also features extremely low power consumption and superior energy efficiency. With a smaller footprint than previous models, Koralia Evolution pumps blend seamlessly into your aquarium's backdrop. Koralia's patented magnet suction-cup technology is improved too: now featuring a vibration-absorbing element to minimize movement and support smoother flow.

Hydor USA Inc - Koralia Magnum

The new Koralia models 5,6,7,8 guarantee unbelievable performance for probably the lowest power consumption of any pump on the market. Equipped with an electronic start up system, new technologic rotors and propeller, compact in size, these new models will quickly become leaders in their flow categories (6.500, 8.500, 10.500, 12.500 l/hr). Koralia Magnums have a pleasant design and come with a powerful magnet-suction cup support that rotates to direct water flow easily. Koralias can be positioned safely glass, anywhere in the aquarium. For Aquariums Freshwater: from 450 to 750 l. Marine: from 260 to 450 l


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